Course Completion Bonus!

Yes! You get a bonus if you complete the course and relevant coursework within 10 Days of course purchase!

The Bonus is to give you Momentum…

  • The intention of the Course Completion Bonus is to give you a limited time-frame in which to take action. This is to create motivation and momentum.
  • 10 days is both long enough to complete the training AND to implement the lessons to get a first finished iteration which can be tweaked in future.
  • The countdown starts from the moment you purchase and get access to the course. There are no exceptions to the 10 day rule so please don’t ask. It’s a bonus, an added extra rather than an entitlement.

Here’s the Deal (Requirements)…

  • Build a Mini-Website Course:
    • You should have read or watched each lesson of the course
    • Your website should have a minimum of 5 pages
    • Each of your webpages should have a minimum of 2 paragraphs written
    • Your website should be completed enough that it is at least 90% ready to share with the world

And Here’s the Current Bonus ⭐…

  • The current bonus is a 30-minute zoom call with Ciara to get personalised feedback on your completed mini-website to optimise and improve it.
  • All feedback will be practical and implementable.
  • This zoom call can be recorded for you to refer back to.
  • Please choose the time and date of your call mindfully so as to avoid needing to reschedule which can be very disruptive to my schedule, thank you.
  • Your zoom session should take place within 2 weeks of course purchase.
  • If there is no timeslot available that suits you, please email ciara(at) with three suggestions of when suits you.